Al Hayat Press-transfer from PayPal to Bayer "paypal to payeer", transferring money from PayPal PayPal to your wallet at Bayer payeer is possible, but you need an intermediary, because dealing between PayPal and Bayer directly is currently not available.
In this article, we will explain through life Press the method of transferring from PayPal to Bayer in the easiest, 
fastest and best available ways.

Transfer from PayPal to Bayer paypal to payeer

Initially, bestchange is a good site for exchanging a lot of currencies in electronic banks, but unfortunately the transfer service from PayPal to Bayer stopped and became unavailable until writing this article.
  • Dear sir, you should focus well on explaining the transfer from PayPal to Bayer, which is as follows:.
  1. Login to PayPal account 
  2. Department of payment and receipt of payments
  3. Bank accounts and cards
  4. Link a new card
  5. You write in the fields that appear in front of you the card number and its data as requested from you 
  6. Update the page and you will find a new existing card, click on it 
  7. On the next page you will be asked to authenticate the card and a phrase will appear in front of you saying "Do you want to use your account without maximum limits on spending or transferring?" Validate your card" (disclaimer/ one dollar will be withdrawn after adding your card and authenticating it to the site to confirm its validity and after 24 hours it will be returned).
  8. Request to get the code and you will receive a 4-digit code on your phone, then add it on the confirmation page and get confirmation of the card.
  9. Then log in to the airtm website by clicking here
  10. You register on the site and his idea will work on transferring money from PayPal to the site and then transfer it to Bayer
  11. After registering on the site, you choose the word add money add
  12. You are looking for the bank from which you want to add funds to the account and choose PayPal
  13. You write the amount you want to transfer to the site and the amount, transfer fees and the amount that will arrive to your account net after deducting the commission will appear in front of you
  14. Then you write the PayPal email from which you want to transfer to Bayer
  15. After completing what is required of you, it will take a short time until the site finds someone for you to transfer the currency to you after receiving it from your PayPal account

Other ways to transfer from PayPal to Bayer

You can go to one of the exchange shops working in the electronic banking service and transfer the required amount from your PayPal card to his account and ask him to charge your Bayer account or any other account you want, and thus you have obtained a direct intermediary in front of you.
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