There is no doubt that the joy of victory is beautiful and wonderful, let alone a victory that has not been achieved since 1986, this is Argentina achieving its victory, and its people took to the streets celebrating with joy and happiness.
In this report we monitor Argentina's joy at the 2022 World Cup "Celebrating the 2022 World Cup Champions: Argentina".
After the victory of the Argentine national team over its French rival, spontaneous marches took place in all the streets and cities of Argentines, millions of people came out to the central squares, monuments, centers of cities and towns large and small, and the city of Rosario had another story where the loved ones and friends of the Argentine star Lionel Messi celebrated in his hometown.
Elsa Diaz, a 70-year-old Argentine woman, who took to the street carrying the Argentine flag with joy, said in a report for the American times that she went out celebrating Argentina's 1978 Cup victory and is going out today with her 32-year-old daughter.
Strangers and friends hugged and kissed hysterically unconsciously, everyone screamed with joy, and many of them cried.
The victory was preceded by a state of anticipation and fear among the Argentine fans, who stopped in open areas to watch the match, the Metro was closed, buses stopped in cities, roads were closed, and then the country exploded with celebrations.
Sergio Gutierrez, a 46-year-old Argentinian, took to the streets with his wife and three children, and said, "the whole of Argentina is on the streets now, and we will continue to walk and celebrate for long distances".
Vehicles drove along the roads raising the sounds of songs, whistles and flags, while the anthem of the Argentine national team was raised.
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