Hassan Hamid Al-Baldawi : An armed military parade with the wheels of the Popular Mobilization Forces penetrated the calm of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, today, Thursday (March 25, 2021), in a scene that brings questions of the fate of the prestige of the Iraqi state to the fore, in light of the repetition of these reviews without putting an end to them that guarantees the existence of state authority and establishes security and stability Across the country.
The "Quarter of God" movement, which in previous times held several parades with its fighters and weapons, and participated in the burning of the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Baghdad, as well as attacks on beauty and massage centers and shops selling alcoholic beverages, today it showed dozens of military vehicles of the Popular Mobilization Forces in several Areas from the east of the canal in Baghdad, all the way to the Karrada area and near the Green Zone, which are heavily fortified, while it issued a statement in which it specified several demands, the most prominent of which is the request of members of the Iraqi Parliament to reduce the exchange rate of the American dollar against the Iraqi dinar (currently about 1450 dinars per dollar), Some political parties and parties that "deliberately" delay and delay approving the budget in order to obtain their "own gains", also warned against handing over the Kurdistan Region’s share.
It is noteworthy that “Rubu’ullah” is a term taken from the colloquial Iraqi dialect, and before the establishment of the movement, Iraqis used to describe members of the Popular Mobilization Forces as “Rubat Allah” in response to their methods and practices. As a result, a militia infiltrated and influential in Iraq formed the “Rubu Allah” movement. And her slogan is "We are neither afraid nor ashamed."
The movement stressed in its statement, "All political parties within the government must be aware that we will not remain silent for long if the people's demands, especially the people of the southern governorates, are not fulfilled in the paragraphs of this budget." .
Members of the "Quarter of God" movement threatened, through pictures they published during their military parade, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and the Undersecretary for Intelligence and Federal Investigations at the Ministry of Interior, Lieutenant General Ahmed Abu Ragheef, to cut off the ear and the hand, in case of "harming the resistance."
While Lieutenant General Ahmed Abu Ragheef wandered in a street in Baghdad, in order to prove the coherence of the state's control on the ground, and also in order to deny rumors of his escape from his headquarters on Al-Masbah Street in the Karrada area, which were launched by sites belonging to these armed militias.
This comes at a time when the head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Faleh al-Fayyad, arrived in Nineveh governorate, and met with Governor Najm al-Jubouri to get acquainted with the conditions in the Nineveh Plain areas and to find out their security and service needs.
The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, responded quickly to the military parade, through a tweet, in which he demanded that the Popular Mobilization Forces punish the "Rubu Allah" movement after their armed deployment in areas of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.
Al-Sadr published a tweet today, Thursday (March 25, 2021), in which he stated: “One of the militias has resorted to an armed military parade and massive deployment in the capital, Baghdad, for demands such as the exchange of the dollar,” adding that “resorting to weapons to fulfill the demands is unacceptable and the government must not. The prevention for not occurring again, "explaining that" this party that performed the show if it belongs to the crowd, the crowd must punish it, otherwise it is declared innocent. "
However, websites affiliated with the "Rubu Allah" movement responded to Al-Sadr's tweet, by publishing pictures and videos showing members of Sadr’s "Peace Brigades" showing them with their military weapons in several areas of the capital, Baghdad, including Al-Adhamiya (predominantly Sunni), in a mockery tone to his tweet. Which criticized the armed deployment of the movement in Baghdad.
In the midst of these accelerating events, sources said that the armed column of the "Quarter of God" movement reached the outskirts of the Green Zone, which includes the residence of the government, senior officials and foreign missions in Iraq. An armed fuse, the consequences of which are ominous.
This comes two days after a motorcycle exploded in the Al-Mashtal area, southeast of the capital, Baghdad. Two people are said to have on board, aiming to plant a bomb or throw a bomb on vehicles of the International Coalition, but the explosives that were in their possess