On-screen character Molly Conlin is known for featuring in EastEnders.
The star has hit the features after her house was attacked by robbers and she was held at knifepoint.
Who is Molly Conlin?
Molly is a multi year old entertainer conceived on February 23, 2001.
She is most popular for featuring in EastEnders, joining the cleanser at the young age of seven.
She showed up in Albert Square on December 26, 2008.
You can follow her on Instagram @mollyconlinnn.
Who did Molly Conlin play in EastEnders?
Molly played Dotty Cotton, who was the girl of scalawag Nick Cotton and granddaughter of Dot.
The entertainer was only seven when she originally showed up on the show in 2008.
Talking about her throwing at that point, Molly disclosed to Daily Gazette: "I'm truly amped up for it since I have for a long while been itching to be in EastEnders."
She left the show in 2010.
What else has Molly Conlin showed up in?
Molly has showed up on TV appears since she was only three-years of age.
She has featured in:
Little Miss Jocelyn (2004)
The Omid Djalili Show (2007)
Express gratitude toward God You're Here (2008)
EastEnders (2008 to 2010)
Terrible Histories (2012)
Blandings (2013)
What is Molly Conlin doing now?
Molly is presently an Instagram star and consistently presents selfies on her 22,000 adherents.
She hasn't featured in anything since 2013.
Be that as it may, she propelled over into the spotlight when she uncovered how her family home was attacked by looters employing knifes.
Molly asserts she was then pushed to the ground and hauled upstairs where she was compromised with the blade as her home in Witham, Essex.
The startled high schooler said she was left dreading for her life as the men took her sibling's dark Audi A1 and grabbed a cell phone and watch.
Molly says her telephone was later discovered close by as she asked her fans to be cautious and lock their front entryways.