Satoshi Kako was born on March 31, 1926. Therefore, if we assume the current date is still March 31 (in the UTC time zone), then it would be his 97th birthday today.
 Satoshi Kako's life. It's interesting to learn that he was encouraged to take up drawing as a boy and later pursued studies in chemistry at the University of Tokyo. It's also noteworthy that he was involved in theater and scriptwriting during his time in school, which may have influenced his later career as a children's book author and illustrator.
It's interesting to know that he organized puppet shows and traditional kamishibai performances for his colleagues' children while working at a chemical company. It's also inspiring to learn that he was motivated to write his first children's book, "Damu no Ojisan-Tachi" (Uncles of the Dam), by the positive feedback he received from his small audiences and colleagues. It's amazing that he continued to create many more works of literature over the next three decades, leaving behind a legacy that has enriched the lives of generations of Japanese children.
Satoshi Kako's notable works and achievements. It's impressive that he created the popular Daruma-chan series, which has entertained and inspired many children over the years. It's also commendable that he wrote stories about everyday topics that helped to educate children and promote healthy habits. It's wonderful to know that Kako was recognized for his contributions to children's literature and culture, winning prestigious awards such as the Takahashi Gozan Special Award, the Japanese Science Reading Award, and the Kanagawa Culture Award.
Indeed, Satoshi Kako's life was a fascinating story of a scientist turned author and illustrator who left a lasting impact on Japanese children's literature. His works have entertained and educated generations of children and continue to be popular today. On his 97th birthday, let's celebrate the life and legacy of Satoshi Kako and his contributions to the world of children's books. Happy birthday, Satoshi Kako!

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