A huge Israeli armed force power attacked early at the beginning of today the city of Ramallah, the accepted capital of the Palestinian Authority and seat of its leader and government, and an archeological site in the north of the involved West Bank, as indicated by sources.
Witnesses said the powers assaulted a few neighborhoods in Ramallah while young people pelted them with stones and shot sparklers at the military vehicles. The warriors reacted by opening firearm fire and firing teargas canisters toward them. There were no reports of wounds.
The troopers likewise struck Amari displaced person camp in the city and kept a 20-year-old youth subsequent to striking and stripping his family home.
This is the main strike of Ramallah since the Palestinian Authority has finished security coordination with Israel on May 19.
In the interim, Israeli powers attacked the archeological town of Sebastia in the north of the West Bank, said Mohammad Azem, the civic chairman of Sebastia, and requested the archeological site shut to guests without giving any purpose behind its activity.
He said that the town has more than once been assaulted and attacked by both Israeli pilgrims and powers in an away from to assume responsibility for the region.