O masses of our great people ...
We are standing firmly against the injustice of the oppressors, to say today that our legitimate rights, guaranteed by international resolutions, and international law, will not be affected by suspicious transactions. Our people has proven to thwart all these conspiracies throughout its history. Therefore, Al-Manama workshop shall not succeed in burying the struggle of our people and transforming our just cause, from a political issue to a package of cheap economic benefits, no matter how many billions they offer. No money can compensate a simple peace of our land that has been baptized by the blood of the martyrs. The betrayal workshop of Al-Manama shall fail, and its destiny is to the garbage.
Our Arab and Islamic nation ...
The Palestinian right will not be a bargaining chip, no one among us can negotiate down the rights of our people, and any action, that does not fit the right of the Palestinian people, no matter how much influence of who is behind it will not pass. We hereby emphasize that facing the betrayal workshop of Manama is a moral and a religious duty. The Arab and Islamic nations, which have always represented the real and natural strategic support of the Palestinian cause, and have been a strong backbone in defending the Palestinian right, and our living peoples everywhere will not make the workshop of Manama a center of attention, but will denounce it instead. The Palestinian statehood, as an independent sovereign state over the border of June 1967, with Jerusalem as its capital are the medal of honor for the Arab and Islamic nations, without which we shall be humiliated.
Oh free people in the world ..
The Palestinian people today stands with all its capabilities in unity to confront the Deal of the Century, to say with the loudest voice that it will inevitably fail, as history is a witness on that. your stand today with the Palestinian rights is imperative to support Jerusalem, the first Islamic Qibla, and the destination of Prophet Mohammad’s night Journey, and an assurance of the unity of our history and destiny, and our common struggle against the modern political pirates. Any initiative, workshop or conference in which Palestine is not present, will not be accepted by Palestinians, and its output will have zero effect on them. The Palestinian people, represented by their leadership MR. President Mahmoud Abbas only, decides its own fate. We say that Manama workshop is a betrayal for your humanity and the international law.
Therefore, believing in our legitimate rights, we are launching a national campaign to confront the Bahrain Workshop and its various components on Sunday, June 23, 2019, at 6:00 pm on all media and social-media platforms to confront the workshop of betrayal.
Long live an independent, free Palestine
Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine
And it's a revolution until victory ..
Palestinian National Liberation Movement - Fatah -
Southern provinces