President Mahmoud Abbas, in a call, informed the previous evening his Turkish partner, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on the most recent political advancements in the locale, especially the weights applied by the United States on various nations and the need to defy these weights and hold fast to the Arab Peace Initiative.
The President additionally advised Erdogan on the current discoursed among Fatah and Hamas and the Palestinian groups, as settled upon in the gathering of the overall secretaries of the groups, and everybody's emphasis on the solidarity of the situation with a point of accomplishing compromise and going to decisions.
The President approached Turkey to help these endeavors and to give Turkish spectators as a feature of a global group to screen the decisions.
President Abbas expressed gratitude toward his Turkish partner for his nation's help for Palestine and its noble motivation, and for the contacts that President Erdogan made with the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo to encourage them not to open international safe havens or workplaces in Jerusalem.