Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee member Dr. Ahmed Abu Houli revealed that a meeting of Arab countries hosting Palestinian refugees will be held early next week with the Commissioner General of the international relief agency (UNRWA) on video conference technology .
Dr.Abu houli explained the meeting will discuss the financial crisis of UNRWA and the outcomes of the third strategic dialogue of senior UNRWA donor countries at the level of foreign ministers, especially with regard to the convening of an international donor conference at the beginning of 2021 in order to support the continuation of UNRWA financial support and the adoption of the UNRWA budget for two years instead of one year .
He pointed out that the meeting will be attended by the delegations of the Arab host countries represented at the meetings of the UNRWA Advisory Committee and will discuss with the commissioner-general of UNRWA improving and increasing the quality of its educational, health and relief services to Palestine refugees in its five areas of operation .
The commissioner - general will give a presentation on his recent tour of the Gulf and European countries to mobilize financial resources, which resulted in the reduction of the fiscal deficit from 200 million dollars to 130 million dollars .