With the rise in violence and unchecked crime in Arab towns inside Israel, and as the number of violence-related victims among the indigenous Palestinian population in Israel so far this year approach the 100 mark, the Arab Follow-up committee has called for a protest march on Monday that will start at the village of Kufr Qara in the north heading to Jerusalem.
Two Palestinian brothers aged 33 and 41, and their 25-year old nephew were shot and killed yesterday in the Arab town of Jett inside Israel in yet another criminal incident, causing deep concern among the Palestinian population in Israel from the unrelenting violence in their communities and failure of police to put a stop to the rise in crime.
With the recent killings, the total number of victims from the rise in crime in the Arab towns so far this year has reached 98.
The two brothers were in a car following an ambulance that was transporting their nephew to hospital after he was also shot and critically injured in the village when they were ambushed and killed.
The nephew was pronounced dead upon arrival at hospital.
"Let us raise our voice for life, against crime, gang violence, arms dealers, and against the complicity of the Israeli police, the accomplice in the crime," said Mohammad Baraka, head of the Arab Follow-up Committee, on his Facebook page.
Several protests and calls by the Palestinians in Israel, who make up more than 20 percent of the Israeli population, on the government and police to fight the rise in crime in their towns have not yet yielded any significant results with less than a fifth of the crimes be resolved or criminals apprehended.