Twenty-five people have died in Palestine in the last 24 hours after contracting the coronavirus disease, 1750 new cases were recorded, and 2019 patients have recovered, today said Minister of Health Mai Alkaila in her daily report on coronavirus in Palestine.
Five of the deaths were in East Jerusalem, the highest singly day figure in months, nine in the West Bank, and 11 in the Gaza Strip, also the highest single day fatalities since the outbreak of the disease in Palestine in March.
The West Bank recorded 728 new cases, a drop in daily cases in a while, with Nablus recording 118 cases, Tulkarm 67, Hebron 94, Bethlehem 87, Jenin 90, while Ramallah scoring the highest figure with 154 new cases. The West Bank also had 1325 recoveries.
East Jerusalem recorded 146 new cases and 114 recoveries, while the Gaza Strip had 876 new cases and 580 recoveries.
Alkaila said 128 corona patients are currently getting treatment in intensive care, among them 35 who are on ventilators.