Israeli occupation forces today briefly detained Major-General Bilal Natsheh, Secretary-General of the National People's Congress for Jerusalem – a security body affiliated with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), after stopping his car at a checkpoint near the village of Al-Jib, north of occupied Jerusalem.
WAFA correspondent said Israeli occupation soldiers stopped Natsheh's vehicle at the checkpoint, briefly detained him for two hours, seized his ID and driving license and searched his vehicle using sniffer dogs.
Natsheh told WAFA that the soldiers had told him he was briefly detained. The soldiers also told him that he wouldn't be released until the Israeli intelligence give them a green light to let him go, which caused a traffic jam at the road.
In recent months, Natsheh was detained and interrogated several times by Israeli occupation authorities, and was once placed under house arrest in his home in occupied Jerusalem. Previously, he had also been imprisoned by the Israeli occupation authorities for more than 10 years.