Palestinians in Israel today launched a convoy of vehicles protesting against violence and crime in their towns and Israeli police inaction toward this matter.
The vehicles gathered at the entrance to Kafr Qara town in the north of Israel, and then headed from there at slow speed towards the city of Jerusalem, raising black flags and banners denouncing the policies of the Israeli government and police and their collusion with violence and crime in the Arab communities in Israel.
The protest was organized by the Follow-up Committee for the Affairs of the Arab People in Israel, which is going to end at the square opposite to the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, in West Jerusalem.
The head of the Follow-up Committee, Mohammad Baraka, said that the protest convoy came to raise the voice of Arab people in Israel in the face of the escalation in crime and the complicity of the Israeli authorities with it.
"The crime keeps rising and no one is spared its danger, especially since the shootings are expanding and not a day passes without such incidents in our towns and cities, while the number of the victims has exceeded 100 this year," he added.
Baraka pointed out that activism in social media, expressing anger and views on this matter, is very important at this stage, but this cannot be enough, stressing the importance of struggle in the streets in various forms, and the greater the public pressure, the closer they will be to their goal to end the cycle of the rabid crime.
Palestinian towns inside Israel are witnessing a dangerous escalation in violence and murders at a time when the Israeli police are failing to do their part to curb this phenomenon.
The number of murder victims since the beginning of this year has reached 98, including 16 women.