Hassan Hamid Al-Baldawi

Usually terror series back to Baghdad with 2 suicide bombers It was the strongest explosion in 18 months The toll rose to 32 martyrs and 110 wounded, the outcome of two suicide bombings Thursday morning in a crowded popular market in Tayaran Square (central Baghdad), in an attack that caused the largest number of victims in the Iraqi capital 3 years ago, and was met with local and international condemnations. The Director-General of Civil Defense in Iraq, Kazem Salman, said that the counting of victims of the double bombing in central Baghdad was still continuing, and he accused ISIS of being behind the attacks. A statement by the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior stated that the first suicide bomber blew himself up in the "bale" market (in which used clothes are sold), "after he claimed that he was sick and people gathered around him." He added the second bomber He blew himself up "after people gathered to take the victims who were injured in the first bombing." The sound of the explosion was heard all over the capital, and soldiers deployed in the square heavily, blocking the roads leading to the scene of the explosion. A number of them were helping the ambulance teams to get the injured. According to sources, the security forces have strengthened their deployment in the vicinity of the Green Zone, which includes the headquarters of the government, parliament and embassies of a number of countries, in anticipation of any emergency. No party has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. Tayaran Square is located near Tahrir Square, the seat of the popular protests that took place in Baghdad over the past year.Such a bloody attack is rare in the Iraqi capital, which has witnessed almost no similar bombings since the defeat of ISIS in Iraq in 2017. A suicide bombing took place in the same place - which is often crowded with pedestrians in Tayaran Square - and killed 31 people 3 years ago. Activists on social media posted the first photos after the explosions. The circulating footage showed the bodies of some of the martyrs along with a number of the wounded, and the pictures also showed a state of great panic due to the two explosions that occurred at the place For his part, Iraqi President Barham Salih condemned the bombing, and said - in a tweet - "We stand firmly against rogue attempts to destabilize our country." He added, "The terrorist bombings against citizens in Baghdad at this time confirm the dark groups' endeavor to target the great national needs." The Secretary-General of the "Asaib Ahl al-Haq Movement" Qais Khazali commented - through his Twitter account - that "the government's security relaxation is the reason for the recent terrorist bombings," calling for intensifying intelligence efforts. Member of Parliament Adnan Al-Zorfi criticized the Iraqi government's offer of condolences to the families of the victims, saying, "They must take responsibility for blood and rise up to impose security." Hassan Al-Kaabi, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, called on the security services to provide the House of Representatives with camera recordings in the vicinity of the accident, warning against lax in implementing precautionary security measures on the pretext of a relative security improvement. For its part, the international coalition confirmed its continued support for the Iraqi government, expressing its condolences to the families of the victims. The Iranian embassy in Iraq condemned the double suicide bombing in Tayaran Square.The embassy described the two bombings as terrorists, expressing its support for the Iraqi government and people. In Tehran, Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif considered that the Baghdad bombings aimed to lure a new American president into the trap of confrontations in the region, and this is what Israel wants. In the Arab world, Egypt condemned the two attacks, and confirmed - in a press statement issued by the Office of the Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - that it stood by brotherly Iraq in its efforts to maintain security and stability and confront all forms of terrorism and extremism. The Turkish Foreign Ministry also strongly condemned the bombing, and stated - in a statement - that it had received the news of many victims in the terrorist bombing with great sadness and sorrow. And the Ministry mourned the lives of the victims who were killed as a result of the treacherous bombing, and offered condolences to the Iraqi governmentAnd people. The statement affirmed Turkey's stand .by Iraq in combating terrorist organizations