The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates today criticized the agreement recently reached between Kosovo and Israel, describing it as disappointing, and called on the European country to go back on its decision to open an embassy in Jerusalem.
"The agreement Kosovo signed with the occupying power (Israel) and declaring its intention to open an embassy in occupied Jerusalem is a step that contradicts everything that Kosovo is trying to do to persuade the world to recognize it," said the Foreign Ministry in a statement.
"It showed us, as the state of Palestine, and the Arab and Islamic group, the Non-Aligned Movement, the African Union and other regional groups in the world that it has ignored international law and international legitimacy and its resolutions and violated them clearly and openly, which would make it difficult for any country to think of recognizing it."
It called on Kosovo to think of its interests first and in a manner connected to its commitment to international legitimacy and international law in order to become an accepted member of the international community and the world order.
The Foreign Ministry called on Kosovo "to quickly reconsider this step and correct this wrong move if it wants to give an example of its commitment to international legality and international law."