Hassan Hamed Al-Baldawi : Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives handed over the draft federal budget bill for 2021, after making a number of amendments to it, to the federal government, hoping to discuss it government and send it back to Parliament, for a vote, amid Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi's warning against the inclusion of "political disputes in the file of the citizen's sustenance and the level of services provided to him."
The committee held its forty-second meeting, in which it resumed its discussions of the draft federal budget bill for 2021, in the presence of Al-Kazemi.
She confirmed that she had made "fundamental changes" in the budget to address the private sector, indicating that it had also worked to loosen the constraints of centralization in the budget.
She stated, in a press statement, that «the Finance Committee headed by MP Haitham Al-Jubouri, Chairman of the Committee and the attendance of members, held its forty-second meeting today (yesterday) to discuss the draft Federal Budget Law for 2021, in the presence of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and the Ministers of Finance, Planning, Oil, Housing, Reconstruction and Municipalities And works and the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers ».
'Fundamental changes'
Al-Jubouri said, according to the statement, that "the work on the budget was on the main axes, namely, reducing the deficit rate and reducing expenditures in a scientific and thoughtful manner, and after a thorough study that came after meeting with most of the ministers and holding about 302 hosting at various levels, as well as maximizing oil and non-oil revenues."
He explained that «the budget that came from the government was absent from the economic character and takes into account the financial aspect only. Therefore, the committee rewrote the budget strategy and made fundamental changes in it to ensure treatment of the private sector and take bold steps in this aspect and support the industrial, agricultural and real estate banks, as the budget contained A great devotion to centralization, so the committee worked to lift these restrictions ».
Al-Kazemi praised the "effort of the committee while it continues to work on discussing the budget," affirming his support for it, which is "facing a historical responsibility that rests on it, and the pressure it is exposed to until the law that the Iraqi street awaits is approved."
According to the statement: «The interventions of the members of the committee focused on the importance of direct supervision of the implementation of the budget to ensure that it is implemented according to the vision it adopted and that some paragraphs are not disrupted. Thinking outside the box and with economic dimensions transforms government institutions from consumers who burden the public treasury to productive ones.
Later, the committee announced the contents of its meeting in the presence of the Prime Minister. According to a press release from the Media Department of the House of Representatives, "the committee has rewritten the budget strategy in accordance with a comprehensive economic vision after what came from the government with a financial vision only," indicating that "the committee delivered a copy of the amendments it had made to the government."
He added, "The pressure of expenditures and the maximization of revenues were scientifically studied and came after a meeting with most of the government ministers and holding more than 302 hosting of various state institutions."
He added: “Supporting the private sector and taking bold steps to address it and support industrial, agricultural and real estate banks to achieve comprehensive development in these sectors” among the amendments made by the committee to the draft law, as well as “exchanging views between the legislative and executive authorities to come out with a unified vision in the public interest. ».
The committee is to "directly supervise the implementation of the budget to ensure the implementation of its vision."
The committee urged the importance of "thinking outside the box and with technical economic dimensions to transform ministries from consumers who burden the public treasury to producers."
Financial and economic reform
Meanwhile, a statement by the Prime Minister stated, "Al-Kazemi confirmed that the financial budget that the government had previously sent drafted aims at financial and economic reform and support for vital sectors, which would address a large part of the problems of the Iraqi economy that it has been suffering from for decades." .
Al-Kazemi also indicated, according to the statement, to "the importance of investing in the recent rise in oil prices in a manner that contributes to reducing.