In a telephone call with President Mahmoud Abbas tonight, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she supports the holding of Palestinian elections, including in East Jerusalem.
President Abbas received a phone call from Merkel during which they discussed the latest developments in the Palestinian and international arena, in addition to the distinctive relations between their two countries and ways to enhance them.
President Abbas briefed Merkel on the Palestinian elections, stressing that they are going to be held in all the Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem.
"We have asked the parties to the International Quartet, other countries and Germany to exert pressure on Israel to agree to holding elections in the occupied city of Jerusalem in accordance with the signed agreements and the previous Palestinian elections held in the city," President Abbas told the German Chancellor who expressed her support for holding the Palestinian elections, noting that Germany would make its contacts and efforts to hold the Palestinian elections, including in East Jerusalem.
President Abbas also briefed Merkel on the latest contacts with the US administration and the importance of continuing to develop relations with it on the basis of international law.
The President expressed his appreciation for the role played by the Munich Group in creating a positive atmosphere and exerting efforts to achieve peace, in addition to the role of the International Quartet, sponsor of the negotiations.
He stressed the importance of Germany's economic support for building Palestinian institutions and infrastructure.
It was also agreed to continue contacts and consultation between the two sides.