The Jerusalem Uprising: Beyond the predicament of occupation and embarrassing the world.
Hassan Hamid Al-Baldawi
It was natural for the issue of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem to develop from a mere new evidence of the colonial and settler character on which the pillars of the Zionist entity were based before and after the 1948 Nakba, to a series of interconnected proofs of the manifestations of the dilemma facing the occupation state, on the domestic, regional and international levels. At the same time.
If the first internal appearance was manifested in the occupation government’s submission to the conditions of settlement pressure groups and the pricing of the case again before the Israeli court, then the impasse was soon embodied in the confusion of the occupation authorities between committing aggression after aggression against Al-Aqsa courtyards, and a request to postpone hearing the case before the court, and preventing The settlers' fanatics revived the celebrations of the so-called "Jerusalem Day" before having to allow a number of them to celebrate under the auspices of the occupation police under the pretext of protecting the extremist Knesset members who flocked to the Old City for this purpose.
It is clear that this new Al-Aqsa intifada, and not the gift of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood alone, put Benjamin Netanyahu and the majority of the Israeli political, security and military leaders before two bitter options: either to continue yielding to settlement pressures, or to slide more and more towards confronting the Palestinian uprising in the midst of growing embarrassment in the face of pressures. Friends of the Zionist entity in the United States and the European Union who can no longer cover the barbarism of the occupation.
On a regional level, the same barbarism had embarrassed the new friends of the occupation from the Arab regimes that rushed to normalize with an entity that does not continue to occupy the land, annex it, establish settlements on it and violate international law every day, but expel the indigenous people from their homes and properties or destroy them on their heads, dropping the berries paper The same that the typographers invoked in their gasps to absolve the occupation and beautify its ugly faces. It is true that some of the media outlets affiliated with those regimes have made every effort to flee to the front in the case of Sheikh Jarrah and the renewed Jerusalem uprising, but it is also true that this escape was a dilemma in and of itself.
On the external level, and within the front of the supporters of the occupation state in the UN Security Council, the timid tone in urging the Israeli government to exercise restraint or adhere to international covenants masked a mixture of embarrassment and distress regarding the policies of abuse, violence and violation of sanctities. The US National Security Adviser’s contact with his Israeli counterpart was nothing but the declared face of the new US administration’s confusion, especially as it inherits a heavy toll from blind bias of the occupying power that the administration of former President Donald Trump had relied on at the expense of Palestinian rights.
In the face of the magnitude of the event and the tremendous popular momentum that the various forms of the Palestinian popular movement have produced in the squares of Al-Aqsa, the Old City and the rest of Palestine, it is not enough for the National Authority to call for the convening of the UN Security Council, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, or the Arab League, and what is required is that all the institutions of the authority be in a state of alert A comprehensive field and in the heart of the movement, and providing all means to harden the resistance fighters and support the uprising.