Hassan Hamid Al-Baldawi : The Sunday Ministry of Health in Iraq confirmed, on Friday, that Iraq is facing an epidemic wave more dangerous than its predecessors, calling on everyone to commit to prevention and to receive the vaccine.
Ministry spokesman, Saif Al-Badr, said in an audio recording, "We note that some media and social media platforms are quick to address rumors and false information about the Corona epidemic, which negatively affects public opinion and interaction in response to preventive measures and receiving vaccines."
He warned that "Iraq is facing a dangerous pandemic and a third pandemic wave more dangerous than its predecessors," noting that "health institutions are able to deal with the increase and that the heroes of the White Army are giving everything they have under the current circumstances and obstacles."
He added that "a small percentage of citizens wear the muzzle despite repeated calls from the Ministry of Health and those concerned about the seriousness of the situation," calling on "the media to disseminate health education and awareness methods, deny rumors of false information, and warn that non-compliance will lead to the loss of more lives." And he called on the media and those concerned to "put the violators under the pressure of public opinion without attack, in a scientific and professional manner.