Hassan Hamed Al-Baldawi : Today, Thursday, many main roads and squares in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and major cities in the governorates witnessed popular protests as part of the activities of the so-called "Day of Rage".

This is in protest against the deteriorating economic and living conditions and the failure to implement the agreements that were made between the labor unions and the government, as well as the failure to implement the decisions regarding the disbursement of social benefits announced by the government after the final lifting of subsidies on petroleum derivatives and its repercussions on the significant rise in prices and transportation services.

In the capital, Beirut, protesters blocked the road at Martyrs’ Square in central Beirut and the road leading from Burj Al-Murr to Hamra with garbage containers. Roads were also blocked in the Dora, Karantina and Mkalles squares and at the intersection of the Al-Amin Mosque, Verdun, Bechara Al-Khoury and Al-Kola towards the Sports City.

The protests included many areas in the governorates of Mount Lebanon, the North, the South, Nabatiyeh and the Bekaa, where protesters block roads with trash cans or set fire to rubber tires or through human chains.

The Day of Rage activities are scheduled to continue until 5 p.m. today.

The Minister of Education decided yesterday to suspend all kinds of schools and universities, and the Association of Banks decided to close banks today.

For his part, Minister of Interior Judge Bassam Mawlawi directed the security forces to take measures to prevent any breach of security or infringements on the freedoms and property of others, in order to preserve security and public freedoms