next Saturday, amid threats from the coordination framework to disrupt the session in the event of a lack of understanding, while observers of the Iraqi affairs see that achieving the quorum is difficult; Especially with the announcement of many of the blocs boycotted.
Iraq is witnessing a wide political movement by the political forces, especially the parties of the Triple Alliance (the Sadrist movement, the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Alliance of Sovereignty), in order to secure a quorum for the parliament session, dedicated to electing the President of the Republic.
Next Saturday, March 26, the Iraqi parliament is scheduled to hold a special session to choose a new president from among 40 candidates for the position, whose candidacy papers were accepted about two weeks ago.
The competition rages between Barham Salih and Reber Ahmed for the presidency of the Republic in Iraq
The competition is fierce in the presidential election file between the candidates of the two main Kurdish parties, which are the outgoing president, Barham Salih, the candidate of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party candidate, Riber Ahmed, the interior minister of the government of Southern Kurdistan, which is dominated by the Democratic Party.
Disagreements continue between the Iraqi political parties, amid a threat to boycott and thwart the voting session
Disagreements between the Iraqi political parties are still raging, amid a threat to boycott the voting session or to sabotage it by violating the quorum of the legal session, which must be held in the presence of two-thirds of the deputies by 220 out of 329 deputies.
Nuri al-Maliki announces that the "coordinating framework" adheres to the blocking third of the sessions of the Iraqi parliament
Meanwhile, the head of the "State of Law" coalition, former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, announced that the "coordinating framework" forces are sticking to the blocking third of parliament sessions.
In response to Al-Sadr’s call for independents to participate, the coordination framework announced that it would not attend the session without consensus with all parties, so that the preparations for the session would enter a phase described by observers as “breaking bones” between the large blocs.
Kamal Agha: The alliance of the Kurdistan Democratic Party with the Alliance of Sovereignty and the Sadrist movement is doomed to failure
in context; The representative of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in the Iraqi parliament, Kamal Agha, stated that their party will boycott the parliamentary session, adding that the alliance of the Kurdistan Democratic Party with the Alliance of Sovereignty and the Sadrist movement is doomed to failure.
He added: This will not be at the expense of the future of Iraq and the political process. The presidency of the Kurds and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan sees it as his right. Since most of the political positions in Iraq are in the hands of the KDP.
The head of the “Extension” movement, Alaa Al-Rikabi, announces the boycott of the bloc for the next parliament session
In the same context; Yesterday evening, the head of the extension movement of MP Alaa Al-Rikabi announced the boycott of the Saturday session and the non-attendance; Pointing out that "the decisions of the extension movement represent 50 independent deputies."
Iraqi political circles are preparing for a large number of independents to swallow the bait, and they are trying to deal from a position of strength with Al-Sadr's proposals and impose their conditions, as they will not accept providing free support in light of their realization that they are being followed by the Iraqi street.
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