Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Said presented the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lebanon, Dr. Adnan Mansour with an honorary certificate, at his home from the International Committee for Human Rights and the European Department for Security and Information (DESI) for his work together in the humanitarian and diplomatic affairs during which he served as Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Ambassador Abu Saeed was accompanied of his strategic advisor Brigadier General (m) Hassan Bishroush and member Essam Khatib.
During the meeting, Ambassador Abu Said referred to the general situation in Lebanon and the region, especially the situation of the Syrian refugees and the situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, which has become necessary to put an end to these tragedies experienced by the Syrian and Palestinian peoples. He added that after the European Union stood on the direction of the Lebanese state expressed by the Lebanese President General Michel Aoun and working through it and the Foreign Office of Gibran Bassil, the Western position became more understanding and he stands in the middle of what the two countries concerned will decide in this file. And every agreement in this regard is translated positively in international forums and works hard for him, and this is now the responsibility of the Lebanese and Syrian states, and any failure or failure in this framework is the responsibility of the two countries. For his part, Minister Mansour thanked Ambassador Abu Said and praised the efforts exerted by him, stressing that the situation in the region is sensitive and must be dealt with with a great responsibility and at a level of accuracy and should not neglect the national and central issues.