At a time when every human being in the world is keen to build a home, the Palestinian finds himself facing the demolition of what he has built against his will, under the threat of Israeli occupation without any arguments.
In the area of ​​Bir Aouna in the town of Beit Jala, not far from the apartheid wall and the tunnel road, the 50-year-old Ayman Rizk Zerina stood in front of his house, forced to demolish it with his own hand, for fear of possible repercussions of occupation and financial measures.
Zerina, who demolished his house on Tuesday, was a case of dozens of cases of the same family that were attacked by the occupier, including the demolition of a number of their homes, and the barks to raise sheep and horses, in addition to other demolition notices.
Months ago the demolition of the occupation housing for his cousin Walid Zerina, consisting of six floors, and then a three-storey house of lawyer Bassima Laham.
"Two days ago, the occupation handed me a notice to demolish my two-story house, and gave me three days. The tenth of this month is a date for demolition, and if I refuse, he will demolish my tunnel at a cost of 230,000 shekels," Zerina says.
"My father was abandoned in the 1948 Nakba from the Malha area near Jerusalem, and we will not leave again even if we have to rest the tent again," Zerina adds.
He continued: "14 individuals, the number of members of my family from today is homeless, God's mercy and no power except God."
"As the president said, we left in 1948, but we will not leave in 2019," he said.
Zerina returned to his memory, recalling what he had been through since 29-5-2018, when he was informed for the first time about the construction and then the demolition, and how he initiated the procedures with the lawyers to stop the decision, but was rejected and this cost him to enter the court (15,000) shekels, The so-called Supreme Court, and again the rejection of the appeal, up to the notification handed over to me three days ago, indicating that he spent about (200) thousand shekels taxi lawyers and Israeli courts.
He raised a gun in his hand and handed him the notices that he had been given to demolish his house. "Look at these testimonies of premeditated murder," he said.
Saleh, the 23-year-old son of the owner, said: "I was planning to finish my own apartment to be a family. It was my wedding date this year, now the occupation killed my dream."
"At the age of 16, I left my school and joined the labor market to help with my parents and three brothers, and all that was saved was the construction of this house that was demolished before our eyes. We can not do anything. The occupation killed the dream but will not kill the will and determination for the future. Best".
For his part, the director of the office of the resistance of the wall and settlement in Bethlehem, Hassan Bryjieh, told the official that the area of ​​Bir Awneh in the vicinity of the fire of the occupation for some time, is an integral part of the territory of the city of Beit Jala, located within the 1967 borders and owned by the owners " Ottoman".
Brigiya added that the occupation is escalating its assault in the area with the goal of emptying it and annexing it to the borders of the so-called Jerusalem municipality, pointing out that so far 8 houses and 12 houses have been demolished and 12 houses demolished.