Muhamed Abu Shammla, the 24 years old handsome and dreamy young man from Gaza, has always wanted to have a good life.
His one and only guilt was choosing to fly out of the besieged Gaza.
He, as many and many other Palestinians in this rapped small geographical area, decided to leave Gaza and start a new dignified life where he can work, earn money, and study.
Those simple dreams that must be basic rights for any human around the world were too much to let Mohammed survive.
He died as his dreams did. They both couldn’t survive.
Mohamed studied English Language in one of Gaza universities. He graduated in 2017/2018.
He spent a whole year searching for any work opportunity to guarantee a dignified and safe life inside Gaza. But the hard life conditions had always always a barrier in the face of his dreams.
That's why he decided to go anywhere, away from Gaza, to live.
His story started when he left Gaza to Egypt with his father.
In Egypt, he said the last farewell to his dad, leaving distressful looks in his fathers' eyes. Those looks were saying, "Be safe dear son, be safe."
Mohamed with a group of friends traveled to Turkey.. "They only wanted a better future".
"I received a call at dawn telling me that my son fell down from the fourth floor of the hotel where he was residing with his friends in Turkey, Azmir." His father said.
Turkish policemen were chasing him and his friends at that night, claiming they were illegal immigrants. The police officers targeted them with tear-gas inside their room where they were sleeping in, his friends said.
"Mohammed inhaled the gas and was suffocated, he fell down from the fourth floor of the hotel and was critically injured."
He suffered from a fracture in the jumbo with severe bleeding in the lung.
He was transferred, at the beginning, to a governmental hospital and no good health support was given to him.
Early Friday, 12th, April, 2019, Mohammed, our dear Palestinian brother, succumbed to wounds he sustained after falling down.
Islam Omer, Mohammed's friend, said that the Turkish police almost daily attack the "hotel" and arrest Palestinians from Syria or Gaza or from any place, under the pretext that they escape from them, and throw them in prison or in Izmir.
He added that the Turkish police attacked the rooms of Palestinians in the "hotel", and threw gas bombs at them, and among the attackers, a room with a woman and her children who were suffocated and rescued at the last minute.
 Muhammed couldn't secape even from death. He died and his smile died.