Consumers Energy warned of more storms and 155,000 people were without power due to initial storms that damaged a large number of electrical wires and networks, the Energy Consumers Company warned.
The Consumers Energy company has urged citizens to stay away from power lines cut off by storms.
"This series of storms has caused widespread power outages, and additional storm activity over the weekend could lead to further damage and disruptions," said Jay Packard, vice president of operations.
"Our staff is working around the clock to restore service to our Consumers Energy , but it will be an effort for several days," he told local media.
More than 420 power lines were cut off and became stormy, and the company appealed to all citizens to stay away from power lines and to keep children and pets away, and called on those who had trouble dialing 911 or 800-477-5050.

Consumers Energy say the public should take these safety tips into account:

Call 211 if you are looking for assistance in contacting temporary shelter or other resources that provide assistance in your community.
Never use a generator in a garage, basement, closed yard or near air intakes. Doing so may result in a generator producing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless, and deadly gas.
Be alert to road crews. Drivers must slow down or stop and wait for the traffic coming so they can safely pass on the roadside workers.
Consumers will cut or remove trees that interfere with electrical repair activities. Once they are safe to do so, cleaning the debris resulting from pruning or removing trees during storm emergencies is the responsibility of individual property owners.
In some cases, a mast carrying electrical wiring to the client's home or work may be damaged or damaged. The crews will reconnect the wiring to the home, but only a licensed electrician can repair or replace a mast or cable.