. Orsila van der Lyon, Chairperson of the European Commissioner Mr. Josip Burrell, European Union foreign and security policy chief For weeks the world has been experiencing a widespread, dangerous, and disturbing spread of the Corona epidemic. In these circumstances, approximately six thousand Palestinian and Palestinian prisoners of war remain in Israeli prisons in inhuman and unhealthy conditions, including hundreds of children, women, the elderly and the sick for many years, in tragic conditions of detention, and in light of the continuous retreat of the occupation authorities from their commitment to the agreements that the prisoners extracted by their actions And their strike inside prisons in recent years. These days, with the rapid spread of Corona virus on a large scale, and with overcrowding in prisons, with thousands of Palestinian detainees, the risk of transmission of this disease within prisons increases. Especially if you have a large number of people with chronic diseases such as patients with respiratory respiratory disease, diabetes and others, the prisoners' lives are in great danger. The prison administration does not meet the minimum requirements and requirements to meet the risks of a pandemic within these prisons. We are in the European coalition to support the prisoners of Palestine and out of our knowledge of the dangers that may be attached to the prisoners of Palestine, we demand the Israeli authorities to release the prisoners, especially the elderly, people with chronic diseases, women and children, so that they can protect themselves in their homes, with their families, and among the ranks of their people, and we hold the occupation authorities fully responsible for Their lives, because not releasing them would equate to willful killing. We appeal to international institutions, human rights organizations and all forces that love justice and peace to pressure the occupation government to give the prisoners ’lives and safety more attention than any other considerations. Let the upcoming Palestinian prisoner day, 4/17/2020, be an occasion for an escalation of international solidarity with just prisoners issues! Yes, to broad international solidarity with the prisoners of Palestine! Yes, for the immediate release of prisoners, children, the elderly and all sick prisoners! Brussels, 3/15/2020 European alliance to support the prisoners of Palestine