Nicola Sturgeon has declared new family lockdown limitations in three board regions including Glasgow.
This is what you have to know:
Where are lockdown limitations set up?
The limitations apply to inhabitants in West Dunbartonshire, the City of Glasgow and East Renfrewshire.
These measures will influence in excess of 800,000 individuals.
On the off chance that anybody in these regions is indicating manifestations, at that point everybody in the family should self-disconnect for about fourteen days.
All trivial indoor visits to mind homes and clinics are likewise now suspended in the above territories, albeit outside visits to mind homes can proceed.
When will the limitations come into power and how long might they be able to last?
Nicola Sturgeon has said limitations will come into power from 12 PM this evening.
The measures will be assessed in seven days' time, however it's normal they will be set up for about fourteen days.
The First Minister likewise said she can't ensure the limitations won't be forced for more, or that harder measures won't be acquired to handle the spread of Covid in the influenced zones.
Would i be able to visit individuals from different family units?
The limitations set up imply that individuals can no longer host those from different family units or visit different families inside.
Be that as it may, a few special cases will apply, including crises, thinking about weak individuals or individuals in 'broadened families'.
Families who have shaped an all-encompassing family unit and individuals giving consideration and backing – to model thinking about an old relative or conveying shopping - can keep on meeting inside with upgraded cleanliness quantifies set up.
Moreover, individuals from various families can keep on meeting outside, remembering for gardens, and in friendliness settings, if all current direction is followed.
Will schools and nurseries remain open?
Truly, schools and nurseries will stay open and plans for the kickoff of universities and colleges will proceed as arranged.
Understand MORE: Nicola Sturgeon reports new family limitations in Glasgow territory
The First Minister stated: "The ascent in new COVID-19 cases in each of the three of these nearby position regions is of critical concern and these figures remind all of us that the infection has not disappeared. We are at a phase of this pandemic where we should all demonstration with extraordinary alert.
"Following conversations with neighborhood general wellbeing authorities and nearby specialists, it is important to ask individuals in Glasgow, West Dunbartonshire and East Renfrewshire to restrict their contact with different family units.
"Individuals living in these territories ought not meet with different family units in indoor family unit settings for at any rate fourteen days, aside from where they are giving fundamental consideration and uphold, or have framed an all-inclusive family unit. Individuals can keep on meeting different family units outside and in different settings however I would request that everybody be extra cautious, to follow all direction and to separate and book a test on the off chance that they have any indications.
"Most importantly, I need to underscore that getting a test – and in any event, getting a negative outcome – is certifiably not a substitute for self-secluding. On the off chance that you have side effects, or in the event that you are reached by our Test and Protect group and advised to do as such, you should self-disengage.
"I comprehend this won't be welcome news for individuals living in Glasgow, East Renfrewshire and West Dunbartonshire yet it is important to assist us with restricting the spread of COVID-19. Acting presently gives us the time and the space to ensure individuals and oversee the infection."